Vitality & Verve : Transforming the Urban Landscape Short Film

The Long Beach Museum of Art in collaboration with Thinkspace and POW! WOW! Long Beach  present:

‘Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape’

A film by Jordan Ahern

‘Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape’ ran from June 27th – October 25th, 2015 at the Long Beach Museum of Art in Long Beach, California.

Directed and Edited by Jordan Ahern

Produced by Thinkspace

Special thanks to all the participating artists:
Aaron Horkey, Alex Yanes, Andrew Schoultz, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Monroe, Brandon Shigeta, Cryptik, Esao Andrews, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Hot Tea, James Bullough, Jeff Soto, John S. Culqui, Low Bros, Meggs, Nosego, Nychos, Saber, and Tristan Eaton

As well as to all the artists exhibiting original works of arts alongside the curated murals:
Amanda Marie, Andrew Hem, Angry Woebots, Bumblebeelovesyou, C215, Carl Cashman, Curiot, EINE, Ekundayo, Gaia, Hueman, James Marshall, Jason Thielke, Jeremy Fish, Know Hope, Labrona, Mark Dean Veca, Matt Small, Meggs, So Youn Lee, Tatiana Suarez, Troy Lovegates, Will Barras, Word To Mother, and Yoskay Yamamoto

Filming took place at:
Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Blvd. | Long Beach, CA.

Special thanks to Ron Nelson and the entire staff at the Long Beach Museum of Art for opening their home to all the participating artists while providing such a welcoming atmosphere and professional environment in the process.

Video may also be viewed on YouTube.

Etam Cru Coming to Thinkspace Gallery in December

Etam Cru Postcard

Etam Cru (Sainer & Bezt)

Opening Reception with the Artist(s):
Saturday, December 12, 2015
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Thinkspace (Los Angeles) – is pleased to present the very first Los Angeles exhibition of renowned Polish duo Etam Cru, in Galimatias. Considered two of the best muralists working in the world, Etam Cru is made up of individual artists Bezt and Sainer. They began making work as a pair in art school, both 2012 graduates of The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, and have embraced a playful irreverence in their sensibility ever since. Bezt and Sainer have been refining their synchronistic style as Etam Cru, inspired by many of the same interests and themes, while developing their individual voices in tandem. Working collaboratively on site-specific public murals, the duo prefer to work independently on their respective exhibition works, allowing each to define their own use of space. The rapport and connection between their individual styles and approach is clear, however, as each draws the viewer into an intoxicating world of surreal fantasy, folklore, and graphic precision.

Known for their focused realization of ambitious and monumentally scaled works, the pair is famously resistant to the ascription of excessively symbolic readings, preferring instead to let the aesthetic and physical experience of viewing the work speak for itself. In keeping with this open-ended, and evasive, penchant for ambiguity, their name “Etam” loosely translates from Polish to “whatever” or “I don’t care,” though this namesake is intended in the spirit of creative freedom and subjective association rather than in that of flippancy or dismissal. Both Bezt and Sainer encourage the viewer to create personal readings of the work, and to draw their own conclusions about what their loose symbolism means. True to this unrestrictive preference, the exhibition title Galimatias, a French word meaning “gibberish” or “nonsense,” suggests an allegiance to the power of imagery rather than to the defining imperatives of words.

Working with a combination of media for individual works, including oil and acrylic on canvas and graphite on paper, but preferring the use of canned house paint and rollers for the execution of their huge murals, (though spray paint is also incorporated), Etam Cru mix their own pigments and create their own unique colors. The vibrancy and contrast of their palette is one of the many distinctive aspects of their work, ranging from saturated primaries to subtly graded pastels. Their imagery often incorporates the surreal and the grotesque, and plays expertly with shifting scales and unique environments. Often including animals and playful elements from nature, their compositions are simple and poignant. Though the two have evolved their aesthetics dynamically, each informed by the other, Bezt is known for his use of more graffiti inspired styles and characters, while Sainer tends to take a more realism based approach to figuration and the depiction of nature. Though the two hands remain distinctly visible, the end result of their collaborations is seamlessly balanced and subtly nuanced.

Etam Cru has created spectacular works all over the world, including public architectural murals as large as 10 stories tall that require a whole arsenal of scaffolding and cherry pickers to complete. The team came to the U.S for the first time in 2013 to create their internationally acclaimed mural Moonshine in Richmond, Virginia, for the Richmond Mural Project; an amazing, epically scaled, rendering of a beautiful female figure, sitting in a jar of muddled strawberries, kept companion by a single bird. The piece was listed among the top five best pieces of street art in the world in 2013. In conjunction with their exhibition, Galmatias, Etam Cru will be transforming the six story facade of a building in the flower district in Downtown LA, gifting the city with its very own permanent piece; one of undoubtedly enviable proportions.

Thinkspace Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach

scope miami

Thinkspace at SCOPE Miami Beach
– Look for us at Booth F03 –

SCOPE Miami Beach is located at 801 Ocean Drive (directly on the beach) Tickets and full details can be found at:

Thinkspace is pleased to announce its participation in SCOPE Miami Beach, December 1-6, 2015. SCOPE Art Show returns to the sands of Miami Beach for its 15th anniversary edition, amidst tremendous support from the City of Miami Beach, an unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign that garnered over 300 million impressions, including praise in The New York Times, Forbes, Artnet, Artinfo, The Huntington Post and The New York Post, amongst other publications. Acting as home to over 125 international exhibitors will present groundbreaking emerging work, alongside SCOPE’s ‘Breeder’ and ‘Juxtapoz Presents’ Programs.

Now in its 4th edition, ‘Juxtapoz Presents’ celebrates artwork that bends, blends and transcends genre and we’re honored to be taking part once again. Featuring 17 innovative galleries, the ‘Juxtapoz Presents’ program embodies the New Contemporary that is SCOPE’s hallmark and adds a singular dynamism to the Miami Beach 2015 show.

Our booth will feature a double solo presentation of represented artists Kevin Peterson and Alex Yanes, alongside the gallery’s signature wall of small-format 12″ x 12″ artworks by 44 members of our Thinkspace Family. Peterson, a painter based out of Houston, Texas, and Yanes, a mixed-media sculptor / painter from Miami, Florida, create work inspired by the endless potential of the cityscape. Yanes, with colorful, multi-dimensional works, informed by his love of Miami, graffiti, tattoos, and street culture, and Peterson, with hyper-realistic oil paintings that explore the psychological vicissitudes of the urban sprawl.

An accomplished hyperrealist painter based out of Houston, Kevin Peterson creates highly detailed portraits set against the anonymous urban sprawl of the cityscape. His meticulously rendered paintings are primarily executed in oil on panel, though at times the artist incorporates mixed-media elements as well. With an attentive psychological subtlety, Peterson creates paintings that are emotive, introspective, and haunted by a sense of dislocation. He often portrays children and wildlife in gritty, urban, graffiti-marked spaces, and condemned architectures, to create stark, though beautiful, psychological contrasts. Innocence coexists with the darker dimension of urban exhaustion in these paintings. With a firm poetic allegiance to the underdog, the artist finds beauty in the city’s tensions and oppositions.

Miami artist Alex Yanes creates whimsical and highly detailed multi-dimensional works, inspired by everything from his early immersion in Miami subcultures to his recent initiation into fatherhood. His installation-based pieces are personal and intuitive, drawn from his experience and observation of his city. Made of wood, acrylic, resin and enamel, Yanes’ mixed-media works stage shifting tensions in scale, contrast and dimension. With hyper-saturated colors, immaculately finished surfaces and an unconfined sense of energy, his works encourage undeniably experiential encounters. With a graphic sensibility, drawn from his formative years immersed in tattoo, rock, hip-hop and skateboard cultures, Yanes’ imaginative expansiveness transforms the familiar into something wonderfully strange and new.

Look for Thinkspace towards the fair’s main entrance at booth F03 showcasing mini-solo shows from both Kevin Peterson and Alex Yanes.

Alongside a small group show from Thinkspace Family members:

Aaron Horkey – Adam Caldwell – Alexis Diaz – Andy Kehoe – Brian M. Viveros – Casey Weldon – Cinta Vidal – David Cooley – Derek Gores – Drew Leshko – Ernest Zacharevic – Jacub Gagnon – James Bullough – James Marshall (aka Dalek) – Joao Ruas – Josh Keyes – Ryan Hewett – Sergio Garcia – Seth Armstrong – Troy Lovegates

Featured on this year’s wall of 12×12 inch (30x30cm) works will be:

Aaron Nagel
Adam Caldwell
Allison Sommers
Andy Kehoe
Anthony Clarkson
Brian Mashburn
Camilla d’Errico
Carl Cashman
Casey Weldon
Christine Wu
Cinta Vidal
Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
Dan-ah Kim
David Cooley
Derek Gores
Drew Leshko
Erik Siador
Ernest Zacharevic
Fernando Chamarelli
Frank Gonzales
Fuco Ueda
James Bullough
Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One)
Jeremy Fish
Jeremy Hush
Jim Houser
Kari-Lise Alexander
Kelly Vivanco
Ken Flewellyn
Low Bros
Marco Mazzoni
Mark Warren Jacques
Mary Iverson
Matthew Grabelsky
Peter Adamyan
Ryan Hewett
Scott Listfield
Sean Mahan
Seth Armstrong
So Youn Lee
Stella Im Hultberg
Stephanie Buer
Tony Philippou
Yosuke Ueno

scope map and schedule

Jeremy Fish’s “O Glorious City” presented by FIFTY24SF

O Glorious City Jeremy Fish

Heads up San Francisco friends, Jeremy Fish is exhibiting a 100 new commissioned pieces inside San Francisco’s City Hall for “O Glorious City”.  For our Los Angeles friends, don’t fret – Jeremy Fish will be exhibiting alongside Jim Houser at Thinkspace Galley Summer 2016. All the details on “O Glorious City” presented by FIFTY24SF in association with Upper Playground and the San Francisco Arts Commission are below; and don’t miss out on the artists reception and City Hall’s birthday bash this Thursday, November 19th.

FIFTY24SF in association with Upper Playground and the San Francisco Arts Commission are proud to present “O Glorious City.” Now open to the public on the Ground Floor of San Francisco’s City Hall, the exhibition features 100 newly commissioned works of art by Jeremy Fish. “O Glorious City” features both drawings and photographs about San Francisco, with many relating specifically to historic City Hall. As part of his process to create this exceptionally large body of work, Fish assumed the role of the first official Artist in Residence at City Hall with gusto. The show’s title, “O Glorious City”, comes from a text written by former Mayor Edward Robeson Taylor inscribed in the rotunda of City Hall: “San Francisco, O glorious city of our hearts that has been tried and not found wanting, go thou with like spirit to make the future thine.”

O Glorious City
A solo exhibition celebrating SF City Hall’s 100th birthday
Exhibition Dates: November 4, 2015 – March 25, 2016

Artist Reception and City Hall Birthday Party
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Artist and Curator-led Tour: 5 p.m.
Birthday Party: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Free and open to the public.

Check out this awesome interview with Jeremy Fish by Creative Live


Brian Viveros 'The Dirtyland'

‘The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros’ 

The debut collection from Brian M. Viveros published by Thinkspace Editions, 216 pages documenting eighteen years of his work including over 100 full-page reproductions of his classic paintings. ‘The Dirtyland’ also features in-depth essays, an interview with the artist, behind the scenes photographs, and much more. 9×12 inches / hard-cover / edition of 2,000

Books are being sold via PayPal. Please just hit the ‘Add To Cart’ button and follow the instructions shared from there. Please be sure you have verified the address associated with your PayPal account (you do this on your ‘Profile’ there). We will be shipping to the address associated with your PayPal account.Please note that shipping within the U.S. will be $17.50 via UPS and shipping outside of the States will be just over $50. The book weighs 3.5 pounds and with new restrictions via post, any package over 4 pounds now has to go priority (which is a higher bracket of pricing). We’re sorry about this, but it’s the reality of things. Thankfully the Pound and the Euro are at high exchange rates currently and the overall total won’t end up being that bad for you all outside of the States.

Brian Viveros Signing

Books will ship out over the month ahead. Those in the U.S. will get a tracking mail from UPS. Those in Europe, please note we’ll be unable to provide tracking for you (only packages that go 1st class can be tracked), but trust that your book should be with you by mid-December.

All autographed copies of ‘The Dirtyland’ have been sold.

Thank you for your support!

Brian M. Viveros ‘Matador’ Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

The doors to Brian M. Viveros’s ‘Matador’ opened at 5:00 pm on Saturday, November 7th to a long line of excited and dedicated Viveros fans. Thinkspace Gallery released two prints by Viveros, ‘Undefeated’ and ‘Forbidden’ and Brian’s first book, “The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros” published by Thinkspace Editions.

walkie takies

Shawn & Andrew having fun with the galleries new gear. 

It was busy for five hours straight with Brian graciously signing books all night and long after the gallery doors closed.  It was a crazy night inside and out, with a water main break down the street and celebrity fans of Viveros squeezing through the crowd. ‘Matador’ is a must see exhibition to really experience all the little details Brian put into his installations to the depth of in his paintings.

The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros'

The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros'

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros'

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

Brian Viveros 'Matador' Opening Reception

The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros'

‘Matador’ is on view now through November 28th. Please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website for more details. For additional photos and coverage, check out these great write ups on Juxtapoz and Arrested Motion.

The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros’ & Print Release for ‘Matador’

dirtyland book
The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros’ 

Published by Thinkspace Editions

The debut collection from Brian M. Viveros. 216 pages documenting eighteen years of his work including essays, interviews, behind-the-scenes and much more. An absolute must for any fan of his work.

Available for $40 this Saturday at Thinkspace starting at 5PM and then you will be able to have Brian sign your copy. Signing is from 5PM to 6:30PM. Books will be on sale all evening long (opening for ‘Matador’ goes until 10PM). As an added bonus, all that purchase Brian’s new book this Saturday will receive a free bookmark as well (see below). There are no phone or internet sales at this time.


Books will be available online in the next week or so. We will send out a mail announcing once all is ready for on-line sales. Please note there will be a supply of signed copies available (at no additional cost) for on-line sales as well and the first handful of orders will also get a copy of the free bookmark shown above.

We’re very excited to share his new book with you all, it came out just beautifully.

So much awaits at the opening of ‘Matador’ tomorrow night. We can’t wait for you all to experience it! Viva la Viveros!!! 

Brian M. Viveros


Book Signing & Print Release:

TOMORROW – Saturday, November 7th 5:00-6:30PM

Opening Reception:
TOMORROW – Saturday, November 7th 6:30-10PM

 matador poster
FREE 11×17″ SHOW PRINT to all that attend the opening reception (shown above).
print evilist brian viveros



Brian M. Viveros
16×18 inches
Edition of 75
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist

$200 each

In-person sales only at this point. Prints will go on sale this Saturday, November 7th at 5PM once we open the doors to ‘Matador’.

No phone or online sales available at this time. If any prints remain after this weekend, we will share them online late next week. We will let all know if any remain this Monday via our social networks. Thank you.

brian viveros print



Brian M. Viveros
15×20 inches
Edition of 75
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist

$200 each

In-person sales only at this point. Prints will go on sale this Saturday, November 7th at 5PM once we open the doors to ‘Matador’.

No phone or online sales available at this time. If any prints remain after this weekend, we will share them online late next week. We will let all know if any remain this Monday via our social networks. Thank you.

 brian viveros

Thinkspace is pleased to present Matador, featuring new paintings, prints and charcoal works by Brian M. Viveros. This highly anticipated solo exhibition, opening November 7, is the first comprehensive presentation of all new work by the artist in years, and will feature some of Viveros’ largest and most accomplished paintings to date. The epic gallery takeover will include a site-specific installation, props and source materials from the artist’s studio, a new large-format sculpt, created in collaboration with Pretty In Plastic, and the release of a 216-page full color art book, the artist’s first, with essays, interviews and behind-the-scenes. Inspired by the tempestuous Spanish tradition of bullfighting, Matador takes Viveros’ iconic Dirtyland to blazing new heights and bloody new recesses.

Known for his phenomenally detailed and hyperrealistic paintings, Viveros’ world is a complete universe unto itself. The “Dirtyland,” well-known by Viveros fans and collectors, plays host to a long cast of recurring female characters; part vixen, part superhero and all bad-ass. These unapologetic survivors, often bloodied and bandaged, smoking and defiant, have the battle scars to boast their warrior worth. Long fascinated by the figure of the Matador and its implicit theme of conquest and survival, Viveros reinterprets the Spanish tradition through the lens of an uncompromising feminine imaginary. The artist’s well-known “bad-girls” emerge victorious in Matador, embodying the power, passion and poetry of the bloody sport.

Viveros has pushed his execution of detail to new extremes. Working with a personal collection of historical props, like a hand-embellished bullfighter’s jacket from the 1940’s and his signature collection of helmets and head gear, the new work incorporates highly detailed, ornate patterns from Spanish textiles and objects. Viveros includes historical motifs from this cruel, and yet passionate, spectacle of violence; bullfighting pits man, or in this case woman, against the brute force of nature in a highly ritualized and symbolic dance of death, an intense aesthetic tradition that resonates clearly with the artist’s work. Viveros harnesses this raw energy in new paintings that ooze carnal ferocity and physical presence. The diversity of the color palette is also new for Viveros in Matador, as he incorporates stark tonal contrasts between warm and cool hues, crimson reds, pastels and brilliant golds, to bring minute textural details to life.